CSBi Participates in Community STEM Events

Carrollton City Schools Science Bowl 2020

CSBi has broadened it’s involvement in bringing awareness to STEM opportunities. Carrollton High School recently hosted a Science Bowl in Stream Education which included middle school students from the Atlanta region. CSBi gave students the opportunity to build their own creeks with the stream table which demonstrates the effects of flooding.


Ben Kersey & John Gaiter; CSBi, instructing students




Ben Kersey demonstrating a stream table exercise





John Gaiter utilizing a stormwater simulation table to explain CSBi’s role in constructing strategic restorations and bank constructions


Mason Creek Elementary STEM night

Mason Creek Elementary was the site for an educational STEM night for parents and their students. Families had the opportunity to visit several classrooms where demonstrations were set up to teach various subjects related to STEM. CSBi provided demonstrations which gave the students an opportunity to see what the effects are of urban development. Students were able to actually build their own creeks and discuss their observations of flooding and erosion. Events such as this broadens their mind to environmental concerns and the impact they have on nature. It’s exciting for CSBi to provide a role in educating students about our environment!



John Gaiter at Mason Creek Elementary

John Gaiter demonstrating negative effects of unplanned development on the watershed


These activities are focused on student involvement and interaction. To find out how to get your school involved please reach out to us to schedule an event for your students! Contact Jane Britton at 678-601-3880 or by email at jbritton@csbritton.com