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The primary goal of stream and wetland restoration is the re-establishment and sustainability of aquatic habitat and its surrounding wildlife. The rebuilding of the stream or wetland is essential to the process in order to provide the best possible opportunity for the natural organisms to return and flourish.

Pleasant Valley Road Mitigation Bank – Monroe, GA
Good Neighbor Creek Mitigation Bank – Dawsonville, GA

Through education and experience our crews understand that, as a mitigation banker, part of your restoration success comes from the sustainability of the construction and subsequent “scoring” of your restoration. As part of our normal construction practice, our crews incorporate the necessary organic materials and construction practices that will promote both habitat restoration and its sustainment, so that your bank has the best opportunity for success.

At CSBi, our desire is to leave as small a construction footprint as possible along the restoration corridor. The idea is that, by returning to the site one-year post construction, you will find that the stream or wetland and its surrounding habitat has seemingly returned to its natural state all on its own. Full corridor clearing and complete removal of all trees, in our opinion, defeats the purpose of wildlife habitat restoration.

Heritage Park Mitigation Bank - Watkinsville, GA
Heritage Park Mitigation Bank – Watkinsville, GA

CSBi has always been ahead of schedule, under budget, and most importantly, delivers a product that exceeds industry standards and expectations.

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