CSBi Sponsor for West GA STEM Fest

Recently CSBi participated in the 2nd Annual West Georgia STEM Fest located at the AMP in downtown Carrollton. This festival gives students in the community a unique opportunity to interact with field professionals who are interested in sharing the knowledge of Science and Engineering.

There were many interactive activities for the entire family which included various subjects related to STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. CSBi provided a demonstration using a stream table.



Annette Perkins-Carrollton Elementary, Time Hawig-Carrollton High, Jane Britton, Maddie Britton, Brittini Nelson, John Gaiter-CSBi

John Gaiter, CSBi demonstrates how to build a creek

Maddie Britton, Annette Perkins, Jane Britton assisting students

This exercise showed students what happens when erosion and other mitigating factors impact a natural water system. Students were then able to provide feedback as to how to make the correction and then implement that into building their own stream.

Events like this raise awareness and interests of young people while giving them an opportunity to interact with hands-on professionals. This ultimately helps to establish connections that facilitate future collaborations. CSBi is proud to support this educational festival in our community of Carrollton, Georgia.