CSBi, University of West Georgia, and Carrollton City Schools Expand Knowledge in Asheville, NC

Katie Turner, Carrollton Middle School and Jane Britton, CSBi

Representatives spent last week gaining valuable training and knowledge while attending the course designed around river behavior. These consecutive courses were led by Dave Rosgen, PhD, PH. Dave is a Hydrologist/Geomorphologist with field experience in river work spanning over 50 years. He utilizes his experience to conduct short courses in watershed management, river morphology, and restoration.

This is the second year CSBi has sponsored select faculty from Carrollton City Schools to attend the training in Asheville, NC. This year a representative from UWG attended the training as well. This was part of a collaborative effort aimed at building an exciting new curriculum within the school system. CSBI is proud to sponsor a Grant to Carrollton City Schools to facilitate the development of a curriculum which spans from kindergarten through high school.  We hope to develop a sustained environmental education program that will prepare students for future success while providing a community benefit.

Members of the CSBi organization also had an opportunity to attend the course led by Dave Rosgen. CSBi utilizes the knowledge gained from these invaluable training courses to develop their skills in the field. We are proud to be a leader not only in our industry, but in our community of Carrollton, Georgia as well.

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