Golf Course Restorations

C.S. Britton, Inc., additionally offers Golf Course Restorations. Due to the nature of the restorations, a Natural Channel Design (NCD) approach will be the primary consideration. Using natural materials and techniques, the NCD approach naturally supports habitat improvement, a healthier stream and enhances visual value for your course.

DHCC - Hole 8 - 002-REV1
Druid Hills Golf Club - Hole 8 - Atlanta, GA
Piedmont Driving Club - Atlanta, GA

CSBi offers onsite evaluations and recommendations based on NCD stream restoration design and construction practices in order to provide the most cost-effective and visually appealing restoration available.

Our team at CSB is uniquely qualified to perform your restoration, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the restoration is successful and your courses beauty has been enhanced.

Druid Hills Golf Club - Holes 15 and 16 - Atlanta, GA
Druid Hills Golf Club - Atlanta, GA

CSB has successfully established relationships with an experienced group of professionals that combined can provide complete services for your repair including, design, permitting and construction.

With multiple Rosgen trained operators, CSB is extremely knowledgeable about stream design and stream function.
~Neil Boitnott, The Earth Partners

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