Rosgen Course Offers Advanced River Knowledge

Ben Kersey, CSBi & Annettte Perkins, CES look on while Dave Rosgen leads field instruction.

Tim Hawig, CHS, Preston Stephenson, CSBi, & Dave Rosgen, Wildland Hydrology relaxing after a full day of instruction.

Tim Hawig & Ashley Soulsby representing Carrollton City Schools

Preston Stephenson representing CSBi

Annette Perkins, CES looks on as Dave Rosgen discusses channel design

Tim Hawig, CHS

This week three members of the CSBi team, along with three faculty members from Carrollton City Schools advanced to the Rosgen Level II training in Asheville, NC. The course is designed to train individuals to delineate stream types through a combination of lecture and field sessions. This is an integral part of CSBi training for field personnel.

Last year CSBi sponsored the three teachers to attend the Level I course taught by Dave Rosgen of Wildland Hydrology. The teachers returned with a broader knowledge and understanding of river systems. Their enthusiasm along with the partnership with CSBi, has led to a unique opportunity for curriculum development at Carrollton City Schools.

CSBi is proud to once again sponsor the same teachers for the Level II course. The continued support of CSBi has provided them with a unique learning experience to advance their classroom skills. CSBi is enhancing our community through the education of students at Carrollton City Schools.